A fan with electroplated and painted color options and a heavy duty motor to provide the fan a longer life

Anti Rust

Anti Rust

Reduced circulation of heavy air as a result of anti-rust technology which prevents early corrosion along with accumulation of dirt on its surface

Copper Winding

Copper Winding

Enjoy better heat dissipation due to less resistance to the flow of the current in copper-winded fans

Double Ball Bearing

Double Ball Bearing

Longer life, high speed, and age resistance technology for durability make our double ball bearing fans a sturdy choice

Electroplated & Painted Color

Electroplated & Painted Color

Inspired by contemporary aesthetics, dual-tone electroplated fans suit the unique requirements of modern spaces

Sweep (in MM) 1200 Power input (in WATT) 72
Speed (in RPM) 350 Air Delivery (in CMM) 230

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