Dilip Bariya - Marketing

I started working at a very tender age of 16 years. Fate had it that given the condition of my family, I had to quit studies to take responsibility of my mother and two sisters as my father was a dipsomaniac. I have even done menial chores for a living, including driving trucks and buses. But I did not want to continue doing that for a long time. One thing that I held on to was belief in myself. Self-motivation is something that has led me here today as I am sharing my story with you.

I am an SEO specialist by profession now. It all started back in 2013, when I had accepted the job of being an office boy at one of the agencies in Mumbai. They used to host learning sessions for anyone willing to upskill themselves in the agency and when I found out, I couldn’t stay back. I enrolled myself in the digital marketing sessions with the due support of my then manager.

Gradually, my interest in SEO and related subject matter grew; I engaged myself in self-studies and diligence in attending all the sessions that were held. Soon as I gathered confidence to step into the new role, I was interviewed and appointed as an SEO intern in the same agency. It was really an unthinkable stint for me to find a position like this despite not being a graduate.

I joined Infra.Market 6 months ago and in such a short tenure, I have been given the space to grow. The team that I am working with is commendable. The confidence that they have shown in me has helped me improve, learn, as well as experiment so I can play a stronger role in contributing to projects. They are an ideal reflection of being a family. The background that I come from wouldn’t let me get very comfortable with people around me but at Infra.Market, this has changed.

It has been more than eight years now that I have not looked back. I would sincerely, from the very core of my heart, thank all my mentors and managers who trusted, encouraged, and supported me to pursue my dreams despite the odds. I want to tell all the readers to believe that hard work does pay off when it is coupled with consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Get going, you will get where you aim to!