Mr. Pradeep Bhanushali Humans of IM

Getting to work in a luxurious corporate office with fixed working hours after 36 years of my service in the Police Department was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, I couldnít help but turn it down. After all, what would you expect from a 58-year-old who had just conquered the deadly virus. After defeating COVID 19 in 2020, I decided to retire as Sr police Inspector and spend most of my time with my family and dear friends.

Fate had it that after much contemplation and denials, I finally joined Infra.Market, and honestly, I couldnít be happier. I still remember the day when my wife visited me in the office, she was awestruck as she always wanted me to be a part of a corporate world. I knew Aditya Sharda and Ritesh Rathi from early on. They admired my experience and expertise in the field of law and offered me a position at Infra.Market as they came to know about my retirement.

I belonged to a middle-class family with my father being a schoolteacher and my mother, a homemaker. I had self-imposed responsibilities since a very young age which made me keep looking for opportunities so I could earn a little extra with my skillsets and perseverance. In this venture, I came across a job offer from a private company with decent pay and I immediately seized it. But destiny had different plans.

With a reference from one of my dear acquaintances, I had also applied for a post in the Police Department a long time back. Although my family wasnít quite supportive of it, I wanted to take a chance. On 31st October 1984, an unfortunate occurrence hit our nation which left the streets abandoned. Everything across shut down and so did my office and I was left jobless for an indefinite period.

After moderate relaxation, I decided to make a visit and check when they would let me resume work only to find dejection as it was going to continue for longer. I then also went to the nearby police station where I had given my tests to try my luck and the results had appeared with the 100th serial number holding my name. My happiness knew no limits. Immediately after clearing my final medical examination, I was first placed at Thane police Commissionerate. The rest is history!

I was always somebody who was so eager to learn, which opened so many doors to infinite possibilities. Gradually, I kept getting promoted owing to my outlook and knowledge. I always believed if you knew what is right (as per the law), thereís nothing that can stop you! You know where to find all your answers when in a dilemma.

Presently, I am relishing the experience of working with some great minds, contributing to a completely different entity like Infra.Market. I am happy that both my daughters are well-settled in their respective careers. My wife and I get to spend a great time together, from evening tea to early morning walks. Iím content with where I am and look forward to continuing to serve people in whatever capacity I can.