Nivedita Math - RMC

I joined Infra.Market six months ago as a trainee and so much has happened since then. Although itís just been six months for me here, it feels like Iíve had a past connection with this organization and people here. My journey as a trainee has been an enriching one with experiential learning and great exposure that I never knew would be possible in a span of just six months.

Choosing to be in this male-dominated sector of RMC wasnít an easy decision to make. I remember being all jittery and anxious while my family was so supportive of me. My father himself chose to be a photographer in those days and ages when a profession like farming was the most sought out one. I guess itís in our genes to settle with unconventional choices. But itís not at all an easy ride.

With the support that I received from my family and encouragement from Infra.Market, I could see my dream come to life. I was often told that my efforts will go to vain and I wonít be able to achieve what I set out to, but all that was proven wrong when I received my offer letter from Infra.Market. And since then, I never looked back. The learnings and exposure that Iíve received here in such a short period wouldnít have been possible elsewhere.

Infra.Market truly defines that tenure is not what matters but your performance and willingness to do something. No two days are the same here. I get to wear multiple hats which keeps me at the edge of my seat and proactive in adapting to changes, accepting challenges, and even making mistakes. My seniors are my shock absorbers when it comes to failures. According to them, itís never a failure, but always a learning opportunity.

Iím extremely thankful to Infra.Market for giving me wings to fly and enabling me to carve my own path. I aspire to become be the first lady in charge of the entire RMC plant and Iím so optimistic and eager to fulfilling this dream with Infra.Market