Pranob Halder

I was always fun-loving and joyful, just like the next-door neighbour. Everything was going great until it just hit a roadblock in 2019. It was just a niggling back pain, but as it usually happens, I thought it was just from sitting in front of the laptop in the same posture for too long. However, within six months, the pain became intolerable. My world came to a standstill when the doctor diagnosed it as Ankylosing Spondylitis. It was hard to accept that I could lose my mobility impacting my basic daily life routines like walking and eating.I was devastated when my doctor confirmed that there was no specific cure for this disease.

Although I was at my witsí end, I did not give up. I researched for days on the internet and kept visiting multiple doctors but to no avail. It was becoming challenging as I was dependent on painkillers to push throughout the day. So, I decided to look for other options, some of which did not work out while others were just too expensive. One fine day I came upon a treatment that focussed on following a rigorous diet routine of only fruits and vegetables. Initially, I was unsure of its impact, but I gave it a go, nevertheless. I was suggested to do away with cooked food. During the first three months, adapting to it was difficult as my staple food was fish & meat. It was only during the third month that I felt the difference, as the stiffness in my joints reduced, and my confidence grew. Determined, I made some adjustments to the diet and continued. By the end of the eighth month, I was cured, and this new lease of life was like a breath of fresh air.

As I was making my way back to recovery, I lost my job during the pandemic. I was unemployed for almost 10 months, yet I knew I could navigate through the hardship this time around. From a desperate situation to a hopeful one, this brush with death had made me resilient. Finally, in September 2021, I joined Infra.Market when a very close friend introduced me to its concept. Well, the rest is history, as what had begun with just 7 co-workers, grew to more than 150. And that is nothing short of an accomplishment! Many have the talent to go forward, but very few get this second chance, a chance in a million to leap at a new opportunity. From gaining recognition to building relationships with amazing people, Infra.Market feels like family.

All this while, one thing that remained with me is my wish to help people who are suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis. I think that more than financial aid, what is needed right now is educating people about this illness and naturopathic care. And that can be best done through social media.