Ujjwala Kadam

It was in 2018 when I joined Infra.Market. It had just been two years since the company had been incepted and I was extremely anxious as I wanted to be on firm grounds. After all the toil and travel that I had undergone, it was natural for me to be in double minds. But I still remember how comfortable I was made to feel while I was interviewed by Aaditya and Souvik sir.

Now, when I look back, I thank my stars for letting me make that decision of choosing to be here. Right from day one, I felt at home. The faith Aaditya and Souvik sir held in me and the confidence that they provided cannot be put to words. The journey of starting as an Accounts Executive to being an Assistant Accounts Manager is a testimony of their constant support.

I had graduated from an average school in a village and aspired to provide a better lifestyle for my family. It was indeed a tough call to travel to a city in search of work and living, especially after coming from a small village. But you know that it is worth it when you see a sense of satisfaction and happiness in the eyes of your family.

I can safely say that all the efforts that my father put into ensuring I complete my studies are bearing fruit. He used to work on farms in the morning and factories by noon to support our expenses. That had made me dream of a day when we would not have to check price tags before buying anything and Iím so overwhelmed to admit that Infra.Market really made it possible for me.

I sincerely want to attribute my professional as well as personal growth to Infra.Market and its people who treated me no less than a family. They truly embody the people-centric approach. Perhaps thatís how we became one of the youngest unicorns of the time. I am extremely humbled to be a part of Infra.Market and hope to serve with the same zeal for many more years to come.